Do you feel like your health is moving in the wrong direction, and suspect that your hormones, and getting older are to blame?

Are you tired, bloated and feeling down and anxious? Maybe you've been diagnosed with and underactive thyroid, IBS or an autoimmune condition, and you're feeling frazzled and worried. Maybe a lack of sleep is impacting on your health, or you've got stubborn weight around your middle. Are hot flushes interfering with your daily life and sleep?

After the age of 40, the natural fluctuations in female hormones leading to the menopause, and their impact on other hormones, including thyroid, adrenal and blood sugar hormones, can impact on our physical and emotional health. It’s a time when we can see niggling health issues come to the fore, maybe getting worse, or new symptoms appearing.

By using a functional medicine approach, I can support you in finding the root cause of your health concerns, and underlying imbalances that are unique to you.

I help you cut through overwhelming and confusing advice, to put a simple plan in place that is tailored to you, helping you feel great, and in control again, and supporting your health into future decades.

I have a key interest in female hormones, digestive health and autoimmune conditions. And as a fellow ‘woman of a certain age’, this puts me in a unique position to help you make fundamental improvements to your health and wellbeing.

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