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Today is World Menopause Day! Hurrah, let's celebrate! 🤔

Menopause doesn't need to be doom and gloom. Yes, there can be some unpleasant symptoms - no-one enjoys hot flushes and temporary periods of insanity!

However, it is also an incredible period of change, and a lot of it is positive. No periods, more confidence, not sweating (excuse pun) the small stuff.

It's also a wake-up call to get your house in order and review your health status. Now's the time to try and sort out those niggling, underlying imbalances in your health, diet and lifestyle that are possibly causing, or at least making your symptoms worse, and could be setting you up for health issues further down the road.

We are living longer than ever, so our lifespan after menopause can be a good 30 years plus. It's time to think how we want to be spending that time. I would imagine most of us want to remain as healthy and youthful as possible, so this might now require some work! Any steps we take now to reduce our stress, move our bodies more, eat more healthily and sort out niggling health issues will stand us in good stead.

With this is mind, I created my Hot Women Menopause Survival course, details below. However, if you're not local to Bath, there are hundreds of BANT and CNHC registered functional medicine trained nutritional therapists, like myself, in the country supporting women through the menopause and who would love to help you achieve optimum health. If that's not an option for you, get a great book and work through it with friends. Here's a couple of places to start:

1. Angelique Panagos - The Balance Plan
2. Marilyn Glenville - Natural Solutions to Menopause

Here's to making menopause an opportunity for a fresh start!

Happy Menopause Day Hot Women!

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I'm really excited about my next Hot Women Menopause Survival course which starts 8th November in Bath. Here's a little bit about one of my wonderful guest speakers, Sarah Robinson from Sentia Yoga. She will be there in Week 3 - Stress week! I've attended yoga classes with Sarah and love her warm, friendly approach and yoga style.

Sarah is a certified yoga & meditation teacher, she teaches weekly classes in and around Bath, as well as hosting several retreats each year in sunny climes including Spain, France and Sri Lanka. She also runs regular Goddess inspired retreats and workshops.

Sarah’s academic background is in science; her studies took her to Bath, Exeter and Harvard University and she holds an MSc in Psychology & Neuroscience. After completing her 200hr training in Yoga in 2012 and working with the priestesses of the Glastonbury Goddess Temple - she has combined science, yoga, meditation and goddess sparkle to help you connect to calm, and your inner goddess!

The Session

Connecting to your inner Goddess with Yoga and meditation

Every woman is a Goddess: You might know your inner goddess as a sparkle, or excitement for life, energy or simply feeling content in yourself. Referring to your Inner goddess is just one way to describe the feeling of contentment and bliss we feel when we are calm and connected!

If you feel menopause has disconnected you from your inner goddess, fear not! She is still there, you are still the goddess you have always been; and yoga and meditation can help you reconnect.

We’ll start with simple yoga stretches to reduce stress in the mind and body, learning some simple and calming moves you can do at home. Then we’ll relax and enjoy a soothing guided meditation.

Comfortable clothing will be useful but no mats or special equipment needed!

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