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Our 40’s are the perfect time for us to focus on our health. Quite often, our bodies are shouting at us to look after ourselves, as it’s a time when niggling health issues can start to come to the fore!

Maybe you’re feeling fatigued, bloated and low, or you’ve noticed your waistline expanding even though you’re exercising and eating the same things.

Maybe your IBS symptoms are getting you down, or you’ve been diagnosed with an autoimmune condition and you’re not sure how to support your health.

Maybe you’re going through perimenopause and you’re experiencing mood swings, energy dips, sleepless nights and weight gain, as well as hot flushes. Maybe you are postmenopause and you’re still getting these symptoms.

By using a functional medicine approach, I can support you in finding the root cause and underlying imbalances contributing to your unique health concerns and symptoms. I recommend diet and lifestyle changes, laboratory testing and nutritional supplements where appropriate for you. Working with you at whatever level you need.

I have a key interest in female hormones, thyroid and adrenal health, digestive health and autoimmune conditions. And as a fellow ‘woman of a certain age’, this puts me in a unique position to help you make fundamental improvements to your health and wellbeing.

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We're getting into holiday season - hurrah! How does this go for you? Are you:
a) Looking forward to a couple of weeks with a good book?
b) Looking forward to a few weeks of cooking, entertaining, running around after the family - as per!
c) What holiday?!

Which one are you?

Whether you've got loads of time on your hands 😂 or very little, I thought I'd focus the rest of this month on simple, every day things you can do, for very little effort, for maximum benefits for your energy, vitality and joie de vivre!
It's the small things, added up over time that can make a huge difference to how we feel.

We don't have to do a month-long detox, hire a guru or take on a life challenge - it can just be tiny, simple steps.

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