How Health Coaching Can Help You Thrive In Midlife And Beyond

I am thrilled to announce that I have added Health & Life Coaching to my Nutritional Therapy services, having completed certification with the Health Coach Institute.  My books are now open for 2 clients a month on my 12-week Midlife Health Transformation Programme.

Over the last 2 years, I increasingly saw a need for an even more holistic approach to midlife health than I was currently offering. Many women going through midlife are experiencing so many more issues than can be attributed solely to the menopause, and go beyond diagnosed health issues. Midlife health is essentially about more than the menopause.

I am seeing more women who are:

not ill necessarily, but not feeling good, and definitely not feeling great!

struggling to instil healthy habits

self-sabotaging their health 

 beating themselves up about ‘falling off the wagon’

trying multiple diet plans and not getting anywhere

feeling overwhelmed by media health messages, and therefore feeling ‘stuck’

 knowing what they want or need to do, but are struggling to do it on a long-term basis

not knowing what to do. They believe they’re eating healthily but they still don’t look and feel how they want to

feeling guilty about prioritising their own health and wellbeing

not necessarily struggling with a diagnosed health issue, but are definitely not experiencing the vital health they want and need

Arrggh – if any of this sounds familiar – just keep on reading and I’ll let you know how I can help you get off this exhausting and unnecessary roller-coaster!

So what is Health Coaching?

– I work in a close partnership with you, on a weekly basis over 12-weeks to help you set and follow through with your health goals

– I give support, guidance, curated advice and accountability during the time we work together

– I help you identify the answers to your health challenges that are right for you personally. Quite often, you will already intuitively know what these are. 

– Where you don’t, I offer practical advice that will suit you and motivate you

– By using specific questions, I help you uncover the unhealthy habits and thought patterns that are keeping you stuck – including any limiting beliefs that are holding you back.  Quite often, if you know what to do, and you can’t consistently do it, there’s a belief in there that could be keeping you stuck

– All of the above will help you achieve the health transformation you’re looking for. It’s an enjoyable process and helps you be the healthiest version of you that you can imagine, without having to think too hard about doing it!  It’s just – who you are now!

How Can I Help?

Step 1 – Book a FREE 45-minute – Midlife Health Clarity Call.

In this call, we will identify what your key goals are, your health challenges,  and importantly why they are important for you

By using a sequence of questions, we’ll find out what’s holding you back so that you can get complete clarity on how you can move forward

There’s no obligation to work with me, but if we do decide to work together, I’ll answer more of your questions, identify the right approach for you, and I’ll get you started as soon as possible

I have just 4 slots available per week for Clarity Calls, and just 2 slots a month at the moment for the 12-week Midlife Health Transformation Programme, so to find out next availability email me on [email protected]

And if you’d like a little more help to think about which way to go with your health, here’s a Midlife Health Decision Helper! 

Email: [email protected]

Private Facebook Group: More Than The Menopause

2-Week – How To Eat For A Vibrant Peri-menopause Programme. For more info click here

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