Nutritional Therapy in Bath and Corsham, Wiltshire. Skype consultations are also available.

Fees include the cost of the consultation and your Nutrition and Lifestyle Plan document, which give you the tools to make lasting changes to your health.

It also incorporates the time spent preparing your case before we meet, and in between consultations where further research, the preparation of supplement programmes, and analysis of test results are often required. I also provide reasonable email and phone support for queries between consultations, but reserve the right to charge for time if a higher level of support is required

1-to-1 consultations

New Client Package (In person and Skype)
£220 (or £130 for a single initial of 90 minutes)
Initial 90 minute consultation (Face-toFace or Skype)
20 minute coaching call at 2 weeks (Phone Call)
45 minute follow-up consultation at 4 weeks (Face-to-Face or Skype)
Follow-up Consultations
45 Minutes follow-up consultation (Face-to-Face or Skype)
Metabolic Balance ®
12 week Weight Loss Programme
Includes: blood test, personalised programme and 6 consultations (See page for further details)
Fresh Start
A 3 week online kick-start plan. (See page for details)
Hot Women – Menopause Survival Course
A 5 week group course. (See page for details, dates and locations)



My Clinics are at:

26 Monmouth Street, Bath, BA1 2AP

Equilbrium, Natural Health Centre,

23 Leafield Way, Leafield Industrial Estate, Corsham, Wiltshire, SN13 9RS


For appointments please call 07909 732017

Talks and Workshops:

I offer talks and workshops for groups. Prices depend on your requirements and are available on request.

Common themes include:

Weight Management

Nutrition & Energy

Nutrition & Stress 

How to Eat When You’re On The Run 

Nutrition & Skin Health

Health Writing Services:

I offer writing services to magazines and newspapers. Prices depend on your requirements and are available on request.