12-week Midlife Health Transformation Programme 

To transform your health for the better it is essential to have:

The Right System
The Right Accountability
The Right Support

Health coaching could be an option for you if any of the following sound familiar…

You are:

  • not ill necessarily, but not feeling good, and definitely not feeling great!
  • struggling to instill healthy habits
  • self-sabotaging your health
  • possibly needing to lose weight especially around the middle
  • beating yourself up about ‘falling off the wagon’
  • trying multiple diet plans and not getting anywhere
  • feeling overwhelmed by media health messages, and therefore feeling ‘stuck’
  • knowing what you want or need to do, but struggling to do it consistently
  • or maybe you don’t know what to do. Maybe your health journey is a totally new journey
  • or maybe you feel you’re eating healthily but you still don’t look and feel how you want to
  • feeling guilty about prioritising your own health and wellbeing over your other life challenges

You want…

  • To feel more vibrant so you can get on with your life – and enjoy it!
  • To simply feel better during the perimenopause. Many symptoms can be supported with diet and lifestyle changes and these include energy, mood, sleep, weight gain and reactions to stress.
  • To ditch diets forever but reach a healthy weight.

What Exactly is Health Coaching?

  •  I work in a close one-to-one partnership with you, on a weekly basis, over 12-weeks to help you set and follow through with your health goals.
  • I give support, guidance, curated and tailored advice and accountability during the time we work together.
  • I help you identify the answers to your health challenges that are right for you personally. Quite often, you will already intuitively know what these are.
  • Where you don’t, I offer practical advice that will suit you and motivate you
  • By using specific questions, I help uncover the unhealthy habits and thought patterns that are keeping you stuck – including any limiting beliefs that are holding you back. Quite often, if you know what to do, and you can’t consistently do it, there’s a belief in there that could be keeping you stuck.
  • The majority of the sessions include an experience or a tool, tailored for you, that you can use to improve your health and life balance.
  • All of the above will help you achieve the health transformation you’re looking for. It’s an enjoyable process and helps you be the healthiest version of you that you can imagine, without having to think too hard about doing it! Because it’s just who you are now!

My Ideal Coaching Clients are:

  • Midlife women (broadly speaking, women over 40) who have decided that the time is right to get their health in order
  • Women who are struggling with weight, energy and mood
  • Women who’ve lost their oomph and vitality and want to get it back
  • Women who are open-minded and curious about what they can achieve health-wise
  • You may or may not have a diagnosed health condition. However, if you do, I may suggest nutritional therapy consultations to start with. I will essentially tailor a programme that suits your needs perfectly and will guide you on this when we speak

What To Do Next

Book a FREE 45-minute Midlife Health Clarity Call. This will help you gain clarity on exactly what you can do next to get the vibrant health you want.

In this call, we will identify what your key goals are.

We’ll discuss your health challenges and discover why they are important for you.

By using a sequence of laser-focused questions, we’ll find out what’s holding you back.

There’s no obligation to work with me, but if we do decide we’re a good fit, I’ll answer more of your questions, identify the right approach for you, and I’ll get you started as soon as possible.

I have up to 4 slots per week for Clarity Calls, and places are limited on the programme, so please do contact me regarding availability for start dates.

To book your Clarity Call now just email me or call 07909 732017

Success Stories

RW of Somerset (June 2021)

I was definitely struggling with my general health and had resigned myself to feeling old before my time at the grand old age of 51. Before meeting with Alexis, I had already decided that I needed to do something about this and as a result had stopped drinking for a while and embarked on intermittent fasting to try to improve things.

The work I did with Alexis complimented this beautifully and helped me keep on track.  I was able to set goals and keep an eye out for my worst enemy – me! I was able to establish good habits and, most importantly, feel confident that they were habits I could incorporate for life.

As I result, by the time I completed the programme I had lost weight, regained my va va voom, and felt that I had set myself up to deal with whatever the future brings me.

I really liked how the programme gave me a menu of different tools to take with me.  There are some techniques which have now become part of my daily routine and others which I can refer back to when I feel I need them.  Breathing techniques which I had always shied away from have now become a lifeline for a veteran insomniac like me.

Working with Alexis was great.  It was fun but also could be serious when required.  This was driven by me and I really liked Alexis’ flexibility and how she made me feel the programme was specifically tailored to me, my needs and requirements.   I would absolutely recommend Alexis and this programme – I feel amazing and if all this, including weight loss, could be achieved during a lockdown then anything is possible!

EM of Wiltshire (July 2021)

I embarked upon the programme with some trepidation as I wasn’t sure I needed coaching but after some discussion I embraced it with an open mind, and I’m glad I did as the coaching element is what really made it work for me.

The weekly chats with Alexis were interesting and engaging. I learnt so much about myself; what I want ‘the future me’ to look and feel like and what I need to do in order to achieve it, including highlighting some difficult issues that I needed to tackle along the way. The meetings made me accountable and kept me on track to do the things I’d promised and Alexis’s relaxed and non judgy style meant that I felt comfortable talking things through – there was nothing I couldn’t ‘fess up to, to her.

The main win for me was everything I learnt about nourishment and nutrition during this perimenopausal stage of my life, and how by including more protein into my diet I can avoid the energy slumps I’d been experiencing. I’d thought that my lifelong eating habits were serving me well but now realise that not only does your body change as you age but what it needs in terms of nourishment, just to maintain the status quo, also changes.

I ended the programme feeling much more positive and ready to accomplish everything I need to do in order to attain my goals. I have received some great advice about how to eat more healthily and also how I can supplement my diet in order to support my body during these changes.

If you’re struggling with midlife health issues and are looking for some help and guidance to get you through them, I’d definitely recommend this programme.

Email me on [email protected] or call 07909 732017 to reserve your free Clarity Call or for further information.