In addition to regular nutritional therapy consultations, I also offer a short programme, for anyone just wanting to get on track with their diet.

Fresh Start is a 3-week dietary kickstart programme that is simple, flexible and will help you create a blueprint for a healthier future.

It is designed especially for us, busy women over 40 (over 50 in many cases!) We know we need to make changes to our diet that are sustainable in the long term. We know that short term diets don’t work in the long term. However, we are pulled from pillar to post, and we need simple ideas and ‘go to’ recipes that will work for us, the freezer, and often, the rest of the family.

Sometimes we just need something simple:

  • A kickstart
  • A good stock of simple, delicious recipes
  • Some simple guidelines and rules
  • And a bit of one to one support and accountability to help get us on track. That’s where I come in.

Fresh Start “Personal” has evolved from a successful online group programme that I co-created with my colleague Amanda Ryder. We recognised that we needed even more flexibility and that our clients appreciate personal support. So, Fresh Start “Personal” was created and can be done at a time to suit you and includes personal coaching during the 3 weeks.

This is not a diet. Diets DO NOT work, but changing your diet does. How many of us have done a restricted diet, only to revert back to our old eating habits and then regain the weight we lost, plus more over time? I suspect that many of us have been there!

So What Is The Plan About?

There are 2 weeks of simple recipes and a meal plan. There is also a set of simple rules to help you get the most out of the programme. In week 3, you start to reintroduce foods you have avoided, in a controlled way, to gain insight into whether you have underlying sensitivities.

There is a also a comprehensive food list in case you can’t follow the plan 100% and need to go off-piste, for example, when on holiday or eating out.

·      You will receive 3 x 30-minute phone or Zoom consultations during the programme to help you set your goals, track your progress and help you make the positive habits that will take you forward to a healthier future. This is the element of the programme that really makes a difference. Sometimes we need a bit of accountability, advice and support to help us make lasting changes.

The plan will help you identify any hidden food sensitivities that could be making you feel below par. It excludes some of the most common allergenic foods, namely gluten and dairy. However it is still nutritionally balanced. By removing common allergenic foods for a short trial period, and then re-introducing them in a controlled, one-by-one basis, this can help identify food sensitivities. We also eliminate sugar and alcohol for the duration to really give your body a rest.

It will help you identify any old eating patterns that don’t serve you any longer and give you simple go-to recipes that you can use and re-use. It will give you a blueprint for a healthier future where you’re more in control of your food cravings.

What Is It Not About?

  • It’s not about counting calories
  • It’s not a crash diet
  • It’s not complicated – These are everyday recipes and meals. The programme was designed for busy people who want to be healthy. All the meals are tried and tested. They are delicious and nutritious people pleasers!
  • It’s not restricted – There’s a long list of health-giving foods that are included
  • It’s not boring

What Will You Get Out Of The Plan?

  • Participants report improved energy
  • Weight loss (if you need to lose weight)
  • Feel more in control of your food cravings
  • Identify any food sensitivities that could be making you feel below par
  • A host of healthy go-to recipes that you can make part of your every day routine
  • A fresh start to a future of improved health

Here's What Previous Participants Have Said...

This healthy plan was really easy follow. The support by the facilitators, both with the information and friendly personal contact, was exemplary! Highly recommended.

The Fresh Start plan is a brilliantly simple way to create some healthy eating habits and to kick unhealthy ones. I lost 5lbs on the plan and feel equipped by it to carry on and lose those final 10lbs that have been hanging around for years. The recipes are simple to make and delicious and the online support is invaluable.

I have really enjoyed following the Fresh Start diet. It has helped in terms of weight loss (5lb in 2 weeks) and 2 inches off my waist size. More importantly, it has energised me, before I was getting so tired in the afternoon. I am now feeling stronger, clearer, and more healthy generally. The programme has given me massive insight into the amount of unnecessary snacking I was doing and I also feel so much better now after eliminating sugar and alcohol. I fully intend to make this a new way of living and eating in the future. Thank you Amanda and Alexis, your online support was greatly appreciated too

Getting through the first week with the 5 hour gaps was a challenge, but with the support of Amanda, Alexis and others, I did it and over time it got much easier. I lost 6 lbs over the two weeks – which was just great - and discovered a number of tasty and easy recipes, which are my go to recipes now.

Having never followed a diet plan before, I was a bit unsure about sticking to one - especially one which eliminates so many foods.  I needn’t have worried, the recipes and daily meal plans were all very easy to follow and the food was delicious! The only thing I had a problem eliminating completely was alcohol, although I managed it for two whole weeks I missed it.  I have maintained gluten and dairy free since the fresh start plan as I didn’t really miss these and thought I’d get to really see if they contribute to an ongoing skin sensitivity problem. It’s been very useful to learn so much about how the body processes certain foods - I’ve found the whole experience quite enlightening and am definitely eating more healthily.  Thanks very much 🙂

What's Included & How To Book

Price: £129.00 

What’s Included in the 3-week Plan

  • Recipes
  • A 2-week suggested Meal Planner
  • Food list – acceptable foods if you need to go off-piste
  • Guidelines to help you get the most out of the plan
  • 3 x 30-minute private telephone or Skype consultations


Simply email me on [email protected] or call me on 07909 732017