I offer a range of packages and I hope there is an option to suit you. If you have any questions at all, then please don’t hesitate to contact me and remember that I offer a Free Discovery Call for any queries and to help you decide if you’d like to work with me.

Thrive Packages for Women Over 40

Thrive Foundation
1 Initial Consultation
2 Follow-ups
Thrive Extra
1 Initital Consultation
2 Follow-ups
2 Phone Call Consultations
2 Week Meal Plan
2x Extra Recipe Packs
Unlimited Emails
Thrive Elite
1 Initital Consultation
2 Follow-ups
2 Phone Call Consultations
2 Week Meal Plan
2x Extra Recipe Packs
Unlimited Emails
DUTCH Hormone Test
Fdx Ultra Blood Test & Interpretation

Thrive Foundation - 3 Consultation Package

This foundation package is suitable for all women. We focus on the nutrition and lifestyle changes that can support your energy, weight, digestion and emotions, and underlying health issues. You will receive fully tailored recommendations to help you meet your goals. Testing may be recommended where needed to help direct our approach.

  • Initial 90-minute consultation – We’ll build a thorough picture of your health history and pinpoint the areas in your diet and lifestyle that could be contributing to your symptoms. Then we’ll put the first stages of your plan into place. You’ll have a much better understanding of your health and a clear path forward. This can be such a relief if you’ve been struggling for a while.
  • 2x 45 minute follow-up consultations – these are essential to review your  progress and build on your programme as well as making any necessary changes. Follow-up sessions are also there to provide accountability and motivation to help you reach your goal. And depending on your health issues, we may need to stage our approach.
  • A personalised written Nutrition & Lifestyle Plan AND Supplement Protocol – you will receive this after each consultation so that you have a clear personalised plan to hand, and the resources you need to help you progress. Supplements are recommended where appropriate and tailored for your personal needs.

Thrive Extra - For a Higher Level Of Support - 3 Month Programme

For women who want a higher level of support. This 3-month transformational programme includes the Thrive Foundation Package PLUS a delicious and simple 2-week meal plan with recipes, extra consultations, additional receipe packs and unlimited email support.

  • 2x 20 minute phone consultations – so that you can have a quick call at any time if you just need some extra support, ideas or information.
  • Unlimited email support – so that you can get answers to quick questions.
  • 2-week Hormone Balancing Meal Plan & Recipes – by following this 2-week plan at the start of your programme, you will start to instill long term healthy habits, identify key food sensitivities and lay the foundations for happy hormones and energy. It’s a simple and enjoyable way to get on track.
  • Monthly recipes – in addition to the recipes in the meal plan, you will receive further receipes tailored to your specific goals during your 3 month programme, to build on your repertoire of healthy ‘go-to’ meals.

Thrive Elite - For Women Who Want To Understand More! - 3 Month Programme

This is for women who want to fully understand and take control of their health with the ultimate in personalised recommendations based on the latest in functional health testing.

What’s Included?
In addition to the THrive Extra package detailed above, the Elite Package includes cutting edge functional testing. This gives the highest level of insight into your body, and allows for the top level of personalisation.

  • Functional Testing – For Sex Hormones, Adrenal, Thyroid and Blood Sugar Hormones & General Health
    • DUTCH Complete (Precision Analytical Inc). This cutting-edge urine test measures your key sex and adrenal (stress) hormones plus how your body is processing and detoxifying them. This can indicate nutrient requirements and help determine what could be behind your symptoms. This test can also be important if you are considering HRT.
    • Functional Diagnostics – FDX Ultra plus Comprehensive Thyroid Hormones – A full blood health MOT. Includes thyroid, blood sugar hormones, sex hormones, blood chemistry, liver, kidney, blood lipid profile, inflammatory markers and more. 
      It pinpoints key nutrient requirements and prioritises areas that need attention for short and long-term health in a comprehensive report. This really helps you understand what’s happening in your body and helps us fine-tune your programme and address key underlying imbalances.
    • I will analyse and interpret these results for you, taking your goals, symptoms and health history into consideration so that we can create the most effective plan for you. 
Not Included?
  • Supplements
  • Functional Testing – apart from in the Thrive Elite Package as described
  • Cost of blood draw for the FunctionalDX FDX Ultra blood test