Your Consultation - What to Expect

& Client Testimonials



Prior to the consultation I will send you a comprehensive health questionnaire including a food diary which needs to be completed and returned before we meet. This gives me vital information to enable me to prepare and analyse your case to pinpoint what could be contributing to your health issues, and where there are potential nutritional imbalances.



The initial consultation focuses on your key health concerns. We will use the questionnaire to complete your case history. Based on this information, I will

explain how your symptoms are linked to possible nutritional imbalances. We

will then work together to create an action plan that suits you and will help

you achieve your goals.



We generally leave around 4 weeks between the first consultation and the

follow-up in order for you to put your plan into action. Follow-up consultations

are important to monitor progress and make any necessary changes to develop

the plan, and certain cases require a staged approach.



If you have a specific health problem, I am happy to work with your GP or other health carers, with your permission, to ensure the most appropriate and safe

advice. I strongly recommend you advise your GP if you are seeking nutritional advice alongside prescribed treatment plans. If you are not on a treatment plan,

but I feel that you should consult with your GP, I will let you know. Thorough

checks are made to ensure all recommendations are safe and that there are no

contraindications with any medication you are taking, and it is therefore important

to inform me of all prescribed and over-the-counter products you are using.



Client Testimonials



I came to visit Alexis after having no luck with my doctor for 8 months for constant slugglish feeling, tummy ache, constant nausea and not feeling myself.  Alexis carried out an intolerance test and spent a long time explaining possible reasons why I had been feeling that way and explored further testing to get to the root of the problem. Alexis suggested small lifestyle changes that I could make and certain food groups that I am intolerant to. Then I was given a plan of how to make these changes and even details of all the places I can go to buy alternative foods. I am now feeling much better. I was very impressed with the help I received from Alexis and have been recommending her to my friends and family and will continue to do so in the future. Thanks Alexis!



Although I have only seen Alexis a few times, I have found her to be very easy to talk to and have found that she listens and understands my issues and questions.  Alexis has a wide knowledge over all areas of dietary health and has given me several ideas to try. Alexis also helped me very quickly to rule out any underlying health issues.  While I am a "work in progress" I do feel that I am on the right track.



Alexis has really helped my autistic toddler. Her advice has been uniquely tailored to our situation. She is very supportive in a way that not even my family has been in dealing with my son's health condition.  I feel that we are now on the right track nutritionally with my son.




Having gone down the medical route for relief from my stomach problems and had various procedures, without a successful resolution, I decided to try a Nutritional Therapist. I am fortunate that Alexis Prior has a practise in my village. Alexis is a good listener and very thorough in her consultations, I was treated as an individual. The lifestyle and dietary changes she recommended have been extremely helpful and although my stomach problems have not completely gone away, they are significantly improved.



I have found working with Alexis extremely beneficial. For the first time in 10 years I have some answers to my health problems. I am already beginning to feel better and now know why I have felt so ill. I wish that I had known about her a long time ago and saved myself a lot of money and heartache.



When I contacted Alexis I was having a lot of allergic reactions after eating fruit and other staple foods such as bread and pasta.  I had already been tested for food allergies so knew that I was allergic to tree nuts and had some intolerances to some fruits but this was happening on foods that were previously OK. The first consultation was very detailed, plenty of excellent advice, and I left with new foods to try, a gradual change to a high fire diet, new ways of cooking and a whole host of other useful information.  Within a month I was noticing a difference.  I was no longer hungry, I felt full after each meal and was about to start introducing the fruit back into my diet.  12 months on I am fixed and a lot more healthy for it.  I have text book cholesterol, blood pressure, controlled diabetes and I have much more enegy.