Alexis Prior DipION, FdSc, mBANT, CNHC

 Nutrition Practitioner in Bath 

Clinics in Bath, Somerset and Corsham, Wiltshire





General dietary advice is just that – ‘general’ and aimed at the average population. However, we are all unique in terms of our health history and daily challenges, as well as our biochemistry and

genetic make-up


The greatest benefit of nutritional therapy, is that by using the functional medicine approach, I am able to help you pinpoint the potential root causes of your health issue

and any underlying nutritional imbalances


You will receive a nutrition and lifestyle plan that is tailored-made to you, evidence-based and that addresses those root causes



My key areas of interest include:


Digestive Health

Auto-immune Conditions

Weight Loss – I am a coach for Metabolic Balance

Energy Support




What To Do Now


 If you would like to know more about nutritional therapy and how it can help you,

please call me on 07909 732017 to book a consultation, or to arrange a free 15 minute call

or email me at I offer 1:1 AND Skype Consultations.


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I work from the beautiful city of Bath, Somerset and Corsham, Wiltshire (nr Chippenham)